Title Pawn Consumer Resources

Items Needed for a Title Pawn Transaction 

1) Original title:
If you don’t have one, you may need to go to the Atlanta DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles nearest you to get a clear and current copy. 

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State: Georgia – Motor Vehicle Division – MVD
DMV Location: Atlanta Customer Service Center #50 – GA
DMV Office Address: 445 Capitol Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30312
DMV Phone Number: 678-413-8400

Atlanta Car Title information online: http://www.onlinedmv.com/locator/onlinedmv/atlanta_customer_service_center__50-ga-5342.html 

If you don’t have time to work through any of your issues with receiving your car title, let us know before your visit, and we will be glad to assist you with it. We have access to many resources to help get a clear car title, or to help clear up car title problems, and will be happy to help.

2) Copy of your key
3) Copy of your driver’s license
4) Copy of your current insurance (Full coverage or liability)
5) Proof of residence if available (We can be flexible on this)
6) Proof of income and or employment (We are also very flexible on this, and we accommodate self employed borrowers with difficult to prove income)

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